How to Buy Juul Stock in 2024

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Juul is not publicly traded. 

Hiive is a marketplace that connects accredited investors with shareholders of pre-IPO, VC-backed companies like Juul who want to sell their shares.

Sign up with Hiive here and get access to Juul before its IPO.

Steam is the new smoke.

According to recent stats from the University of Washington, one-third of former smokers will try a vaping device before turning 39.

If this trend persists, the global e-cigarette market may hit $182 billion by the end of 2030.

Understandably, since the vaping market is so hot, many investors are curious about how to profit from the shift from pipes to e-pens.

Often, when people first start thinking of investing in the vaping sector, one brand name springs to mind: Juul.

For many years, Juul has been the crown “jewel” of vaping products with some of the best-selling designs in the industry. The significant media buzz surrounding Juul’s e-cigarettes made it an unavoidable name in vape shops worldwide.

Although there are ways to buy Juul stock, it’s not as simple as logging into a brokerage account and hitting “buy.” Find out how to buy Juul stock and a few alternative ideas in the vaping space.

Juul: The Basics

Originally called Pax Labs, Juul Labs is a San Francisco-based company best known for its USB-like e-cigarettes. Co-founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees developed their unique e-cigarette in the early 2010s to “vaporize” nicotine rather than relying on smoking tobacco.

A few years after its founding in 2015, Juul Labs quickly became the market leader in the vaping category with a peak valuation of $38 billion.


A major reason for Juul’s sky-high valuation is due to Altria Group’s (NYSE: MO) 35% stake in 2018. Best known for its Philip Morris cigarette brand, Altria remains one of the biggest names in “Big Tobacco.”

Although Juul had a virtual monopoly on vaping in 2018, its market share decreased as government agencies began investigating the company’s controversial marketing practices.

Due to recent legal restrictions on Juul, the company isn’t as powerful as it used to be. However, recent reports suggest it still commands about 25% of the vaping market.  

As of 2023, Altria traded its 35% stake in Juul Labs for a “non-exclusive, irrevocable global license to certain of JUUL’s heated tobacco intellectual property.”

Can You Buy Juul Stock? Is Juul Publicly Traded?

Juul Labs is still a private company, so you can’t buy Juul stock on the open market.

There’s also no news on whether Juul will ever release an IPO.

Juul Labs has been exploring multiple options recently, including selling to “Big Tobacco” companies like Altria Group (NYSE: MO) or Japan Tobacco Group.

However, the company has yet to mention listing shares on the public market.  

How to Buy Juul as an Accredited Investor

Juul is not publicly traded. But accredited investors can invest in private companies including Juul through Hiive.

Hiive is a marketplace that connects shareholders of private, VC-backed companies who want to sell their pre-IPO shares to accredited investors. 

With no buying fees, the ability to negotiate, and a robust marketplace with thousands of companies, Hiive is a great way to invest in companies before they IPO.

Sign up with Hiive, check out Juul, add it to your watchlist, and get notified about any new listings and trades.

On Hiive, each listing is made by a different seller who sets their asking price and the amount of volume offered. These sellers might be employees, venture capital firms, or angel investors.

As a buyer, you can create a watchlist of companies to watch and get notified about price changes or new listings. Once you find an offer you’re interested in, you can accept the asking price as listed, place a bid, or negotiate directly with the sellers.

Here’s the Hiive listing for Juul:

How to Buy Juul as a Retail Investor

If you don’t meet the requirements to be an “accredited investor,” you can’t buy Juul stock at this time.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re totally cut out from investing in the booming vaping sector. Check out a few sneaky alternative investment ideas below.

What’s an accredited investor? Learn more about what it means — and the best investments for accredited investors.

Who Owns Juul?

Since 2019, former Altria Chief Growth Officer K.C. Crosthwaite has been the CEO of Juul Labs, and Altria Group still has the most considerable sway over Juul Labs thanks to its control over Juul’s proprietary “heated tobacco” IP.

However, Juul isn’t an Altria subsidiary, and it has attracted significant investments from multiple firms. Fidelity, Tiger Global Management, and Sand Hill Angels are a few of the biggest investors in Juul Labs.

Does Altria Own Juul?

No. Although Altria took a 35% stake in Juul in 2018, it has steadily dwindled its share in the company over the years.

Currently, Altria controls Juul’s unique e-cigarette IP, so it still has considerable influence over Juul Labs.

How to Invest in Juul Stock as a Retail Investor

Although you can’t buy Juul stock as a retail investor, there are many ways to get indirect exposure to this brand or the vaping sector in general.

Note: This article does not provide investment advice. The stocks listed should not be taken as recommendations. Your investments are solely your decisions.

Alternative Vaping Company Stocks

Since Altria (NYSE: MO) has a close affiliation with Juul Labs, the easiest way for retail investors to “buy” Juul stock is to invest in Altria shares.

Altria isn’t a “pure-play” in the vaping space, but it’s as close as retail investors can get to owning a piece of Juul Labs.

Aside from purchasing Altria stock, there are many publicly-traded brands in fields related to Juul Labs. For instance, many other “Big Tobacco” names are interested in vaping technology.

Also, don’t forget the “budding” cannabis legalization movement. As more cannabis consumers use vaporizers, some investors consider weed stocks as another way to get into the vaping space.

Here are a few examples of alternative stock picks:

Screen shot 2023-05-24 at 4.06.09 pm

How to Buy the Juul IPO

Here are the steps on how to buy Juul stock if and when it becomes available:

  1. Create or login to your brokerage account (if you don’t have one, we recommend eToro)
  2. Search for Juul
  3. Select how many shares you want to buy
  4. Place your order
  5. Monitor your trade

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Juul Stock Price Chart

The closest thing you’ll find to a Juul stock price chart is Altria’s (NYSE: MO) price chart on the New York Stock Exchange.

Screen shot 2023-05-24 at 4.07.14 pm

Although Juul Labs isn’t technically the same as Altria, the latter company now holds Juul’s valuable IP.

However, if you’re looking for a Juul-specific chart, you won’t see one on the stock market.

That means that until the company goes public, you have a few different options:

  • Accredited investors can explore investing through Hiive.
  • Retail investors can consider exploring the avenues detailed in this post.

No matter whether you choose to take action now or not, this company is well worth watching in the future.


How to buy Juul stock?

You can buy Juul stock on a platform like Hiive if you're an accredited investor.

How much is Juul stock?

There's no "market price" for Juul stock because Juul Labs is a private company.

What is Juul stock symbol?

Since Juul Labs doesn't issue shares on the public market, it doesn't have a stock or a stock symbol.

Who owns Juul stock?

Multiple companies and investors like Altria, Fidelity, and Tiger Global Management have a large percentage of Juul Labs. Co-founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees also have a large stake in Juul.

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