If you're a part-time investor with a full-time job, most stock research platforms are not designed for you.

These tools were built by finance professionals for finance professionals.

Finance pros are used to scanning dense tables filled with ratios and comparing the numbers in their head or in complex excel models.

But why should non-pros analyze stocks with the same tools?

Yahoo Finance is a great place to quickly look up a P/E ratio, or pull a stock's latest financial statements. But to do thorough analysis, you don't just need data, you need to interpret that data to make an informed investment decision.

Why We Built WallStreetZen

We're a team of passionate product people, designers, and engineers who believe that independent investors need a better way to analyze and research stocks.

WallStreetZen is the first stock research platform that doesn't just show you data, it helps you interpret the data. Our mission is to help part-time investors like us make better, long-term investment decisions.

We do this by automating key due diligence checks used by professional investors and showing you the results with simple one-line explanations, as well as intuitive visualizations that give busy part-time investors like you the historical and industry context to understand a stock's fundamentals within minutes, even if you don't have a finance background.

We do this by applying a user centered design approach to financial data.

Automated due diligence does the heavy lifting for you

You don't have to run DCF models and create spreadsheets to track changes in a company's balance sheet, we perform automated due diligence checks on the latest financial data and give you the results in simple, one-line explanations

Intuitive visualizations gives you important context

Get an instant snapshot of the historical trends and industry benchmarks you're looking for, without having to spend hours digging into tables.

We're in the midst of a financial technology revolution

Banks, brokerages, portfolio managers, lenders, and yes - stock research platforms - can choose to care deeply about the user experience - or they will be replaced by companies that do.

If you're new to doing fundamental analysis, then we hope that our platform can guide and educate you as you practice your fundamental analysis skills.

And if you're already experienced at analyzing a company's financial statements and key ratios, then we hope to streamline your process and help you uncover new market insights.

We're reimagining stock research for the next generation of investors, will you join us?

Contact Info

We're a small distributed product team with a presence in 3 continents, 4 countries, and 4 cities. You'll find us in Hong Kong, Osaka, Austin, and Barcelona.

Our official mailing address:

6/F, CH Industrial Building
12P Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town
Hong Kong

Email us at contact at wallstreetzen.com, we'd love to hear from you!
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