Stock Ideas
Stock Ideas

Strong Buy Stocks from Top Wall Street Analysts
Latest stocks with a Strong Buy rating from the top performing 25% of analysts tracked by WallStreetZen
Bullish Insider Buys
Recent insider buys where there's a potential catalyst, with a clear explanation for Premium subscribers, so you'll never feel in the dark
Undervalued Stocks
A list of the most undervalued stocks to buy right now.
Volatile Penny Stocks
A list of the most volatile penny stocks listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ.
Best Stocks Under $10
The best stocks to buy now under $10 per share, based on Zen Score.
Best Stocks Under $5
The best undervalued stocks to buy now that are under $5 per share, based on Valuation Score.
52-Week Highs
The stocks trading at or near their 52-week high today.
52-Week Lows
The stocks trading at or near their 52-week low today. Many investors use 52-week lows as a factor in "buying low".
Today’s Most Active
The stocks with the highest volume of shares traded today, usually an indication of a large catalyst.
Stable Stocks
The stocks with betas less than 1.0, indicating lower volatility than the overall market.
Extreme Volatility
Stocks with betas greater than 2.0, indicating abnormally large price fluctuations.
Negative Beta
Negative beta stocks tend to move in the opposite direction of the stock market.
Today’s Top Losers
The stocks with the largest decreases in price today on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges.
Today’s Top Gainers
The stocks with the largest increases in price today on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges.
Hot Penny Stocks
A list of the best penny stocks list of companies to buy right now under $1.
Strong Balance Sheet And Fundamentals
Companies with a strong balance sheet, solid past performance, and high return on equity.
Undervalued Growth
Companies where the market hasn't yet priced in their high growth prospects
High Risk, High Reward
Speculative companies with the highest upside potential according to WallStreet analysts. Proceed with extreme caution!
Potential Tenbaggers
Coined by legendary fund manager Peter Lynch, a "tenbagger" is a stock that appreciates 10x its initial purchase price.
Strong Buys According to Wall Street
Companies with high upside and a consensus strong buy recommendation from Wall Street analysts
Small Cap Growth
Companies with small market capitalization and a 5 year track record of explosive revenue growth
Crypto Bets
Companies not primarily in crypto that have made crypto bets through side ventures, investments, or partnerships
Growth At A Reasonable Price
Companies with a track record of high earnings growth with good valuation scores
Exceptional Earnings Growth
Companies that grew earnings 50%+ in the last year, while maintaining earnings growth of 20%+ over the last 5 years
Self Driving Cars
Companies that are investing in technology to drive the self-driving car revolution
The Benjamin Graham Formula
Companies trading below their intrinsic value based on Ben Graham's formula from ch. 14 of "The Intelligent Investor"
Founder-Led Companies
A Bain & Co. study found that founder-led companies performed "3.1 times better" during the study period of 1999 to 2014
Buy The Dip
Companies with strong forecast and valuation scores that may offer a buying opportunity after a recent dip in price
Strong Management
Well-run companies with high ROE, healthy financials, and acceptable debt levels
Forecast High Growth
Companies where analysts have projected high earnings/revenue growth and positive upside over the next 3 years
Biotech Breakthroughs
Top biotech stocks that analysts expect to be profitable within the next 3 years
Low P/E Ratio
Companies with P/E ratios below their industry and market average, with a minimum market cap of $250M+
Best Dividend Paying Stocks For The Long Term
A dividend stock screener to help you uncover the best dividend paying stocks for the long term (to buy and hold)
Stock Earnings
Stock earnings & revenue numbers
Stock Forecasts
View analyst forecasts, price targets, buy/sell ratings, revenue/earnings forecasts and more
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