11 Best Stock News Apps & Sites (Stock Market & Financial News in 2024)

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The best investors always know what’s going on with their portfolios.

Sure, you can track price action with the Stocks app on your iPhone, but it’s really the news you should be staying on top of – the news is what’s actually moving your stocks.

That’s why the best apps for stock news were created.

These mobile-friendly solutions will keep you well informed of the latest happenings to the stocks in your portfolio and any major financial news that is broadly affecting markets.

Here’s my list of the 11 best stocks news apps for the latest stock, business, and financial news (hint: They’re the best news sites for stocks, but optimized for mobile).

1. WallStreetZen – Best Web-Based App for Stock News, Analyst Updates, Insider Transactions, & Watchlist Monitoring

While options 2-4 have the potential to drown you in information, WallStreetZen takes a different approach.

We don’t yet offer an app, but we built our site to be very mobile friendly. Read more: How mobile users use WSZ.

It is a stock research platform tailored towards serious, fundamental investors. Investors use WallStreetZen because it helps them make better, more-informed investing decisions in less time.

We source our stock-specific news directly from Google news:

But users’ best place for news is inside their Watchlists, where the Feed pulls in the most recent News, Insider Transactions, Analyst Ratings, and Upcoming Events:

If you’re like me, you may own 25+ stocks in multiple accounts.

That’s a lot to keep track of, especially when there are multiple news articles and analyst reports coming out on each stock you own everyday.

I don’t care about every headline, just the headlines that matter – the reports about changes in the underlying business.

That’s why we created “Why Price Moved” – a one-sentence explanation of why a stock is moving more than usual:

After reading the short synopsis, I can decide if I need to do more research or continue on with my day.

See Why Price Moved in action:

Note: Why Price Moved is a Premium-only feature.

You can also subscribe to receive daily Watchlist emails summarizing your stocks’ previous day’s performance:

(If you’re wondering, yes that’s my actual portfolio.)

Like what you see?

And if you think our free features are good, hit the button below for your 14-day trial of WallStreetZen Premium!

Get instant access to:

2. Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis – Best App for Stock News, Analysis, & Portfolio Monitoring

If you’re already a member of Seeking Alpha Premium, its app is a must-have.

Seeking Alpha is one of the financial industry’s top sources for independent stock analysis. On-site contributors write more than 10,000 articles each month on different stock and other investment ideas.

Seeking Alpha app

The app allows Premium users to take the full suite of Seeking Alpha features with them everywhere and receive alerts on the stocks and contributors they’re following.

Interested in Seeking Alpha? Read more about it in my Seeking Alpha Premium Review.

3. CNBC: Stock Market & Business – Best Free Stock Market News App

CNBC is NBC’s flagship financial news hub, bringing the world of Wall Street to you with breaking news, global market data, CNBC TV, and Live audio. There’s no question that CNBC is one of the best financial news channels.

Access the power of CNBC (one of the best news sites for stocks) and get the latest business, tech, and finance news straight from your pocket!

CNBC mobile app

Get complete business and stock news for free with CNBC’s app. 

In my opinion, it’s the best stocks news app you can get for free and the best news source for stocks in general.

4. Bloomberg: Business News Daily – Best Financial News App

Get breaking news on world finance, business, stock market, and investments via award-winning journalism.

Beyond headlines, Bloomberg (another one of the best investing news sites) will help you understand the economics and financial news that’s shaping tomorrow, today.

Bloomberg app

Whether you need to monitor your stock portfolio or understand the latest world news, Bloomberg has you covered. The app provides data-driven insights and analysis, whenever and wherever you need it.

A subscription to Bloomberg unlocks unlimited access to all Bloomberg content within the app and on the website (after a $1.99 3-month trial, $34.99/month or $329.99/year).

For investors serious about their news, Bloomberg is a great value.

Their premium software, the Bloomberg Terminal, is also an incredible source of information. At $24K/year, however, you might want to consider these Bloomberg Terminal competitors.

5. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo Finance is one of the best aggregators of stock and business news in the world. The mobile app allows you to easily stay on top of trending topics for your favorite stocks and the stock market in general.

Yahoo Finance app

It’s completely free to use, and you’ll never miss a thing.

That said, there are some pesky ads and the interface could use a major facelift.

6. MarketWatch

For an alternative to Yahoo Finance with a more user-friendly interface, MarketWatch is an excellent option.

MarketWatch is a Dow Jones business, so you can expect quality, analytical information within. Like most of the other options on this list, you can input your portfolio for a tailored experience.

MarketWatch is free, but it’s also filled with ads which can make reading more difficult.

7. The Wall Street Journal

Another high-quality option is the The Wall Street Journal.

Although it has more generic business and world news than some of the other apps on this list, the WSJ app provides summary-level stock data and financials as well.

The Wall Street Journal has an exceptional reputation and only puts out actual news – no clickbait headlines or overselling journalists.

That is mainly due to the model: The WSJ is membership-based, not ad-based, so the company’s priority is to keep you as a reader, not get as many headline clicks as possible.

You can become a member of The Wall Street Journal for $8/month.

8. Barron’s

Like MarketWatch, Barron’s is a Dow Jones company.

Barron’s has been providing financial information since 1921.

The primary selling point for Barron’s is the company’s investment articles from Wall Street experts. You can easily save and/or download these articles to read later.

In addition to news and investment articles, you can get stock quotes and utilize real-time interactive charts.

Barron’s costs new subscribers $14.99/month for unlimited access to the app and website.

9. Stocktwits

Stocktwits is like Twitter for investors/traders.

The feed is Twitter-style, and the platform is made for you to interact with other people all over the world.

Some traders post screenshots and videos of charts with technical analysis. Other post longer-term investment ideas.

Regardless, Stocktwits is all about sharing tips and ideas with other people just like you or I – all 2 million members.

10. Robinhood

Robinhood is the brokerage app that made free stock trades mainstream.

In addition to stocks, Robinhood allows you to buy ETFs, index funds, and some cryptocurrencies.

Although it doesn’t rank at the top of our list of the best stock apps, Robinhood still has one of the simplest interfaces for investing, which is its best feature (in my opinion).

While the news and stock information on Robinhood isn’t as comprehensive as other apps on this list, it does pull the latest articles from multiple major financial news outlets.

It’s also completely free and has no ads.

If you want an app that allows you to trade and has watchlists, newsfeeds, and some educational content, Robinhood should be on your list (along with the other stock apps like Robinhood).

Read more: How to Withdraw Money from Robinhood

11. Webull

Webull is one of the best stock trading apps for beginners. It offers commission-free trading, news updates, technical analysis tools, and a community of serious investors.

Most relevant to this article, Webull’s news aggregator allows you to easily stay on top of the latest market happenings, regardless of where you are. You can set custom, real-time alerts so you never miss a key level to trade on one of your stocks.

Webull gives you access to invest in stocks, bonds, options, and cryptocurrencies.

If you’re looking for a broker with useful tools, summary-level stock research, and a stream of financial news, look no further.


That’s it – there’s my list of the best apps for stock news!

To review the top 4 options:

WallStreetZen – Best Web-Based App for Stock News, Analyst Updates, Insider Transactions, & Watchlist Monitoring

Although we don’t have a mobile app, “Why Price Moved” is an excellent feature to cut through the noise and quickly understand the major news affecting your stocks.

And our free Watchlists make it easy for you to stay abreast of news, insider transactions, analyst updates, and upcoming events.

CNBC: Stock Market & Business – Best Free Stock Market News App

The CNBC app gives you complete access to everything related to financial news, completely free.

Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis – Best App for Stock News, Analysis, & Portfolio Monitoring

The Seeking Alpha app (when paired with a Premium subscription) allows you to take 10,000+ monthly research reports with you wherever you go.

Connect your portfolio to track your holdings and follow your favorite contributors to get real-time alerts.

Bloomberg: Business News Daily – Best Financial News App

If you’re looking for a premium financial news subscription you can take on-the-go, I cannot recommend the Bloomberg app enough.

The quality of the company’s research, analysis, and journalism puts it in a league of its own. Serious investors have no problem paying Bloomberg’s premium cost.


What are the best apps for stock news?

Here are the top 4 apps for stock news:
1. WallStreetZen
3. Seeking Alpha
4. Bloomberg

What is the best source for stock information?

It depends on the stock information you're looking for:

1. WallStreetZen - Best Web-Based App for Stock News, Analyst Updates, Insider Transactions, & Watchlist Monitoring

2. CNBC: Stock Market & Business - Best Free Stock Market News App

3. Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis - Best App for Stock News, Analysis, & Portfolio Monitoring

4. Bloomberg: Business News Daily - Best Financial News App

Read more: While this article reviews stock news apps, here’s an article on the best stock tracker apps.

Read more: And here’s a similar review of the best stock portfolio tracker apps.

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