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Get forecasts and recommendations from top performing analysts, one sentence explanations of why a stock moved, and important email updates for stocks on your watchlist
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Only View Forecasts From Proven Analysts

We backtest analysts and let you filter out forecasts from underperforming analysts, so you only get buy/hold/sell ratings from top performers

See What Stocks Top Analysts Are Recommending

We show you analysts' past performance, forecast accuracy, and price target accuracy, alongside the other stocks they're recommending

Understand Why Price Moved

As a part-time investor, it's hard to stay on top of a full-time market, so we do the hard work for you

Why Price Moved is a concise, one sentence explanation of why a stock is trading higher or lower. Our army of analyst partners cut through the noise by digging into news, press releases, SEC filings, and reaching out to companies to uncover the catalyst for price changes

Important Email Updates for Your Watchlist Stocks

Get unlimited premium email updates for stocks on your watchlist, so you never miss an important update
  • Get notified analysts update their forecast
  • Get notified when CEOs, CFOs, and board members buy/sell their company shares
  • Get notified of upcoming dividends/earnings/stock splits


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Continue enjoying our free tools plus:
  • View Zen Score and due diligence checks for unlimited stocks
  • Get forecasts and recommendations from top performing analysts
  • One-sentence explanations of Why Price Moved
  • Important email updates for your watchlist stocks
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Zen Score 10 stocksUnlimited
Due Diligence Checks 10 stocksUnlimited
Filter forecasts by top performing analysts 
"Strong buy" picks from top performing analysts 1 stock ideaUnlimited
Latest Analyst Forecasts 
Top 10 Analysts 
Analyst performance pages 5 analystsUnlimited
Follow Analysts5 analysts200 analysts
Bullish Insider Buys 1 stock ideaUnlimited
Advanced Stock Screener 
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Why Price Moved 3 StocksUnlimited
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