Benzinga Options Review – Is Benzinga’s Options Alert Service Worth It in 2024?

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Finding a great options alert service can feel like searching for diamonds in a garbage dump.

Some are outright scams. Others simply aren’t profitable enough to be worth your time.

So what options alert services are actually good? A lot of traders love Benzinga Options — but is it right for you?

In this Benzinga Options review, we’ll figure out once and for all whether or not the Benzinga Options alert service provides enough value to justify the subscription. I’ll dig deeper than most Benzinga Options reviews by covering:

  • The Benzinga Options platform and features
  • The pros and cons of the options service
  • Plus, I’ll offer a Benzinga Pro review, where I’ll break down their premium offering

Let’s go.

Is Benzinga’s Options Alert Service Worth It in 2024?

Benzinga options alert home page

The Bottom Line: Yes, Benzinga’s Options Alert Service is worth it. Here’s why.

The service combines 2 things:

  1. Profitable options signals
  2. Education & analysis

First, it has a good track history of profitable options signals from seasoned traders. On top of that, mentor Nic Chahine shares his analysis and insights so you can progress from watching his trades to building your own strategies.

In my opinion, this is the best way to become a profitable options trader.

What is Benzinga Options?

Benzinga Options is a trading alert service run by Nic Chahine, a seasoned pro with decades of trading experience.

Nic chahine performance

Twice a month, subscribers receive Chahine’s high-probability options trades that come with an astounding 90% win rate.

He shares his ideal prices and expiration dates; you also receive analysis and education regarding Chahine’s strategies so you can learn and grow as an options trader.

Benzinga Options Features:

1. Options Alerts

Chahine shares his high-probability trades twice per month, which are reported to earn double-digit gains. Based on Chahine’s Benzinga profile, these signals likely revolve around credit spreads.

With the alerts, he shares his ideal strike prices and expiration dates, so you have the ability to follow along in your account.

You also receive access to Chahine’s starter-level options trades.  

2. Options Education

Along with the signals, Chahine shares education regarding his strategies and the markets. So not only can you follow his trades, you can learn and understand his methods to become a full-fledged trader on your own terms.

At writing, subscribers also get free access to upcoming and previous Benzinga Boot Camps, which are live one-day boot camps run by pros that cover everything from chart patterns and options to short- and long-term investing.

Benzinga bootcamps

3. Market Overview

Chahine’s market overviews are an extension of the options education you receive with the alert service.

Chahine analyzes the markets in real-time so you can learn how to implement his strategies. This nuance is what can help you become a profitable trader over the long haul because the markets are ever-changing.

Pros and Cons of Benzinga Options


Signals are sent every two weeks so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the markets

Chahine only covers equities

Budget-friendly price

It can be difficult to blindly follow trades if you have an alternate opinion
    Chahine shares explanations and analyses for his trades so you can learn as you trade              

    Not suitable for day traders or active swing traders as signals are only sent every two weeks

    No-cost access to Benzinga’s Boot Camps

    Benzinga Options Cost

    Benzinga Options costs $297 for a year. But if you sign up through any of our links you will get a special introductory offer at a much lower price.

    See the current offer with the link below:

    There’s also a 30-day refund policy, so you can try it and see if it’s the right service for you.

    How to Sign Up for Benzinga Options

    Signing up for Benzinga Options is super simple.

    Click the button below and head to Benzinga’s website. Here, you’ll be prompted to share your email before you’re taken to the checkout.

    Active subscription benzinga

    Once you pop it in, you’ll be redirected to the checkout page where you input additional details and choose your payment method like other subscription services.

    What is Benzinga Pro?

    Let’s continue this Benzinga review by digging into the platform’s premium product,  Benzinga Pro.


    I’ll share what you get with Benzinga Pro in just a minute.

    But before I get to that, I want to answer the most important question — is Benzinga Pro worth it? In this Benzinga Pro review, I want to help you figure that out.

    To a large degree, it depends on your situation:

    • Benzinga Options is mostly an alert service with signals sent every two weeks.
    • Benzinga Pro is best for established stock traders who need the tools and support to apply their strategies at the highest level.
    • Benzinga Pro also has the option to upgrade to an Options Mentorship subscription, which provides frequent updates and education from Nic Chahine.

    Benzinga Pro Features

    Here’s what you get with Benzinga Pro:


    Most Benzinga reviews praise the newsfeed. Benzinga Pro’s newsfeed lets you catch up on all the latest news affecting the stock market and economy.

    You can use custom filters or by searching for keywords that relate to the stocks and sectors you trade. Benzinga Pro also provides sentiment indicators for each story to help you gauge its potential impact on the markets.

    Finally, Benzinga’s journalist team shares exclusive hand-picked stories to help you stay on top of the best trading opportunities.

    Alerts, Signals, Movers, Options, & Scanner

    Benzinga Pro offers a wealth of tools to help you potentially catch better trades.

    Benzinga alerts

    Alerts notify you the minute a company announcement is made or a market-moving article breaks. Choose from sound alerts, desktop alerts, or email notifications for any event of your choosing.

    For example, alerts for news pieces or your trading watchlist.

    Additionally, Benzinga’s Signals tool is a specialized alert feature for volume and price movements.

    It features unique built-in alerts, such as:

    • Block trades and trades of significant sizes, such as 10,000 shares
    • Sharp short-term price movements
    • Halts and resumes
    • Gap openings
    • Options sweeps, and more

    On the other hand, the Movers section focuses solely on stocks that are gaining momentum whether that’s long or short.

    Benzinga movers gif

    Benzinga Pro also provides a scanning tool. It lets you find only the best real-time opportunities for your strategies through filters such as volume, shares outstanding, and market capitalization. If you’re new to scanners, the tool comes with several presents.

    Finally, you have Benzinga’s Unusual Options Activity Signal tool. This add-on feature alerts you to large block trades and options sweep near current prices as these aggressive trades often reveal market opportunities.

    Unusual options activity


    Don’t have the time to stare at a newsfeed all day? Benzinga Pro’s Audio Squawk has you covered.

    The Squawk broadcast runs from 6 am to 6 pm Eastern Time but you’ll only hear the top updates to help you cut through the noise and focus on what’s important, such as:

    • Press conferences.
    • Economic data releases and Wall Street analysis
    • Widespread rumors and interview comments
    • Earnings results and other breaking news

    Trading Mentorship

    Most Benzinga reviews stop at features. Let’s go further.

    While Benzinga’s Options Alert Service does provide some education and mentorship, the Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship package takes it to the next level.

    Instead of hearing from Chahine twice a month, you can access him eight hours per day, five days per week between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET in the Live Day Trading room.

    He shares live trading opportunities, live analysis, plus daily trading plans and signals alongside short explainer videos that help you understand the why behind his trades.

    Nic chahine analysis

    Chahine also provides a weekend charting review where he analyzes hundreds of stocks and cryptocurrencies, sharing his thoughts on setups for the week ahead.  

    Inner Circle Chat Room

    The Inner Circle Chat Room is part of the Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship package.

    The chat room is an excellent place for networking with professionals and up-and-coming traders alike. Whether you’re already profitable or are still new to trading, the chat room lets you bounce ideas off other traders to help you refine your thinking and improve your strategies.

    Other Features

    Benzinga pro features

    If everything I covered so far isn’t enough, Benzinga Pro subscribers also have access to:

    • Stock calendars: Benzinga provides over 12 different calendars, covering dividends, earnings, IPOs, stock splits, and more.
    • A comprehensive newsfeed: A real-time newsfeed along with alerts and a proprietary sentiment calculator.
    • Stock screening: Including fundamental and technical filters, such as float, moving averages, and VWAP.
    • Chat rooms: Outside of the premium Inner Circle Chat Room, Benzinga Pro subscribers have access to seven other rooms.
    • Watchlist creation: Once the market presents you with a potential trading opportunity, add it to your watchlist so you can keep a close eye on it.

    Benzinga Pro Cost

    Want to know the Benzinga Pro price? Here are the four membership tiers, including the Benzinga Pro cost with an added Options membership…

    Options Mentorship
    • Delayed quotes
    • Basic newsfeed (no filters)
    • Watchlist
    • Current session movers
    • Key stock stats
    • Charts
    • Full newsfeed (no advanced filtering)
    • Chatrooms
    • Movers
    • Watchlist alerts
    • Premium article access
    • Full newsfeed with advanced filters
    • Real-time stock scanner
    • Equity and options Squawk
    • Calendar
    • Signals
    • Bonuses for long-term subscriptions
    • Mentorship and Education from Nic Chahine
    • Exclusive Inner Circle Chat Room
    • Market overviews from Chahine
    • Unusual Options Activity alerts

    Final Word: Benzinga Options Review

    After completing my Benzinga Options review, I believe that their options alert service is worth it in 2023.


    Benzinga Options is one of the most affordable ways to access signals, education, and analysis from a professional trader — if you look around, you’ll see that other Benzinga Options reviews agree.

    The one downside? Signals and analysis twice per month might not be enough if you want to be an active trader.

    If that’s you, consider upgrading to Benzinga Pro with Options Mentorship, where you can get daily updates and education from Nic Chahine while gaining access to a ton of proprietary trading tools.


    How much is Benzinga Options School?

    Benzinga Options School is currently offering a $7 trial period; after seven days, you are charged a limited-time discounted annual fee of $1,497 for each full year. It comes with full Benzinga Pro access as well as instruction from former Wall Street trader and broker Chris Capre.

    How do I cancel my Benzinga Options subscription?

    You cancel your Benzinga options subscription by contacting the company’s support team. If you do so within the first 30 days of signing up, you’ll receive full credit for your purchase.

    Which is better Benzinga Pro or Trade Ideas?

    Considering the price-to-value ratio, Benzinga Pro is the winner. The service is not only cheaper, but it also offers more advanced filtering and signal generation features.

    Who runs Benzinga?

    Jason Raznick is the founder and current CEO of Benzinga.

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