Ibotta Inc Stock Ownership - Who owns Ibotta?

Insider buying vs selling

Have Ibotta Inc insiders been buying or selling?
Christopher J. JensenCHIEF REVENUE OFFICER2024-06-0517,722$12.75
Christopher J. JensenCHIEF REVENUE OFFICER2024-06-05834$12.45
Christopher J. JensenCHIEF REVENUE OFFICER2024-06-051,042$8.30
Richard I. DonahueCHIEF MARKETING OFFICER2024-05-2814,834$5.35
Richard I. DonahueCHIEF MARKETING OFFICER2024-05-284,333$5.35
Richard I. DonahueCHIEF MARKETING OFFICER2024-05-28344$19.25
Richard I. DonahueCHIEF MARKETING OFFICER2024-05-289,319$8.30
Richard I. DonahueCHIEF MARKETING OFFICER2024-05-2816,787$12.75
Richard I. DonahueCHIEF MARKETING OFFICER2024-05-201,833$5.05
Tabib Amir ElChief Business Dev. Officer2024-04-22104$10.40

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Net Insider Buy/Sell (L12M) Ownership

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IBTA Shareholders

What type of owners hold Ibotta Inc stock?
Clark Jermoluk Founders Fund I LLC20.79%6,330,638$438.02MInsider
Kdt Ibotta Holdings LLC14.41%4,389,129$303.68MInsider
Luke Roy Swanson2.32%704,968$48.78MInsider
Thomas D. Lehrman1.56%474,082$32.80MInsider
Sunit S. Patel1.54%467,990$32.38MInsider
Bryan Leach1.26%384,621$26.61MInsider
Amit Doshi0.78%238,328$16.49MInsider
Richard I. Donahue0.51%155,941$10.79MInsider
Christopher J. Jensen0.35%107,662$7.45MInsider
Tabib Amir El0.30%90,528$6.26MInsider

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IBTA vs App Stocks

TickerInst. %Insider %Net Insider (L12M)Net Insider (L3M)
IBTA0.00%44.32%Net SellingNet Selling
SPT58.63%41.37%Net SellingNet Selling
SEMR35.58%64.42%Net SellingNet Selling
GRND4.73%95.27%Net SellingNet Selling

Ibotta Stock Ownership FAQ

Who owns Ibotta?

Ibotta (NYSE: IBTA) is owned by 0.00% institutional shareholders, 44.32% Ibotta insiders, and 55.68% retail investors. Clark Jermoluk Founders Fund I LLC is the largest individual Ibotta shareholder, owning 6.33M shares representing 20.79% of the company. Clark Jermoluk Founders Fund I LLC's Ibotta shares are currently valued at $435.42M.

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