D Wave Quantum Inc Stock Ownership - Who owns D Wave Quantum?

Insider buying vs selling

Have D Wave Quantum Inc insiders been buying or selling?
Steven M. WestDirector2022-11-1725,000$2.55
Goldman Sachs Group Inc10% Owner2022-09-02222$6.14
Goldman Sachs Group Inc10% Owner2022-09-02255$6.30
Goldman Sachs Group Inc10% Owner2022-09-0251$6.17
Goldman Sachs Group Inc10% Owner2022-09-02102$6.22
Goldman Sachs Group Inc10% Owner2022-08-3164$6.68
Goldman Sachs Group Inc10% Owner2022-08-3164$6.39
Goldman Sachs Group Inc10% Owner2022-08-3164$7.01
Goldman Sachs Group Inc10% Owner2022-08-3164$6.68
Goldman Sachs Group Inc10% Owner2022-08-2414$8.88

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Net Insider Buy/Sell (L12M) Ownership

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QBTS Shareholders

What type of owners hold D Wave Quantum Inc stock?
Public Sector Pension Investment Board46.73%59,431,311$90.93MInstitution
Sector Pension Investment Board Public14.45%18,374,059$28.11MInsider
Goldman Sachs Group Inc6.24%7,939,286$12.15MInstitution
Goldman Sachs Group Inc6.24%7,939,146$12.15MInsider
Emil Michael2.23%2,833,449$4.34MInsider
Alan E. Baratz2.20%2,800,000$4.28MInsider
Cdpm Sponsor Group LLC2.18%2,768,075$4.24MInsider
John M. Markovich0.85%1,075,000$1.64MInsider
Lockheed Martin Corp0.72%915,750$1.40MInstitution
Vanguard Group Inc0.40%508,295$777.69kInstitution

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QBTS vs App Stocks

TickerInst. %Insider %Net Insider (L12M)Net Insider (L3M)
QBTS55.68%28.79%Net Buying
OPFI2.38%97.62%Net BuyingNet Buying
CCRD41.40%25.53%Net BuyingNet Buying
IMMR30.27%69.73%Net BuyingNet Selling

D Wave Quantum Stock Ownership FAQ

Who owns D Wave Quantum?

D Wave Quantum (NYSE: QBTS) is owned by 55.68% institutional shareholders, 28.79% D Wave Quantum insiders, and 15.52% retail investors. Sector Pension Investment Board Public is the largest individual D Wave Quantum shareholder, owning 18.37M shares representing 14.45% of the company. Sector Pension Investment Board Public's D Wave Quantum shares are currently valued at $32.52M.

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